The Quartet

Southern Tradition has been singing together since 1999. We are all from the New Orleans metropolitan area. Our passion is singing for fun. We perform everywhere from Mardi Gras Ball Masques, Hornets NBA games, Saints NFL games, charity events and church services. Our quartet occasionally hosts our own productions. Southern Tradition can be hired for events or private functions.

Hansen Eschete (Tenor)

Nickname: MiceTreaux
Likes: Anything deep fried, bass guitars, Christian Rock, and arranging music
Dislikes: squawking birds, tight polyester, and squirming children

Karl Hanson (Bass)

Nickname: K-Daddy [Norwegian]
Likes: hush-puppies [the shoe], Dixieland Jazz, cars with lots of changing room, Brunost, anything chocolate, and homemade bling
Dislikes: short sleeves and squirming children

Joe Jacquat (Baritone)

Nickname: Kray-Z Legz
Likes: squirming children, harmony, Mexican food trucks, ukes, and the pizza ottoman
Dislikes: short people, Bluetooth, and people who eat the last piece of bacon.

Johnnie Oufnac (Lead)

Nickname: Gold E. Locks
Likes: porridge that is just right, NASCAR, acoustic guitar, The Tonsorial Arts, and large firefighting equipment
Dislikes: bears, squirming children, and dried out pork